Rosebank Towers

Office space to rent at Rosebank Towers

Rosebank Towers creates a striking corporate address in the Rosebank CBD, complemented by easy vehicular access, strong pedestrain links, and an identifiable visual approach. The landscaped pedestrain sidewalk integrates the building and the street environment.

Design Phyilosophy

The building's facetted design consist of a combination of glass, composite spandrels and plaster on top of a fragmented stone plinth. The canopy of trees on the plinth mediates between the activity at the ground level.

Tenant flexibility

Rosebank Towers is planned as a multi-tenanted H-shaped building. The volume atrium entrance, which sits 7 floors above the street level, overlooks the Johannesburg and Rosebank CBDs.
The office floors are very flexible and easy to sub-divide into approximately 600-800m2 premises.

Available from October 2016

  • PO Box 2530, Bedfordview Johannesburg 2008, South Africa
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