How Energy Efficient is your Office?

Energy efficiency, particularly in commercial and industrial environments, has become a priority, in order to meet global climate change targets. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has conducted research that reveals that energy demand in commercial buildings can be cut by up to 60 percent by the year 2050, if swift action is taken by the building sector.

Office blocks obviously use an enormous amount of electricity, which impacts heavily on global climate change. As people become more aware of the threats to our planet and our general well-being, agents and brokers are starting to see a definite interest in energy saving commercial property. But, although this is a world-wide trend, it is particularly true in the SA context, as Eskom battles to meet power demands, and the cost of electricity increases at an alarming rate.

Whilst investors and tenants alike fear that the cost of change could be too high, and the savings too low, in monetary terms, this is not strictly true. Further international research seems to indicate that owners are charging slightly higher rental rates for energy efficient office space, and it therefore stands to reason that transforming a commercial property will pay off in the long run, as this will more than likely have a positive influence on property values, in general, and provide them with an advantage in the marketplace. Businesses will, in turn, save on their electricity bills, making it a win, win situation for both parties. Stimulating economic growth AND cutting greenhouse gas emissions, is the ultimate target, everyone should be striving to achieve. Transformation could include, inter alia, exploring the possibilities of harnessing natural light and utilising solar energy. In addition, Solar Energy Towers, Inc. (“SETI”) is in the process of developing and implementing a cost-efficient, renewable electric power generation technology that does not need hydrocarbon fuel and has a zero carbon footprint. Once the technology has been perfected, a SETI facility will more than likely be the most reliable and inexpensive source of electrical energy available globally, as the technology is not dependent on the sun or the weather, as it creates its own wind and continuously harvests the sun’s energy. It is hoped that SETI facilities will be able to produce sufficient electricity, to cope with high demand buildings, as this will have a positive impact on global warming.

Let’s hope that proven theories and engineering principles can be put into practice, for the good of all mankind.

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