Green Buildings

What is a green building? Why do we need green buildings? How many do we have in South Africa? What is in it for me?

“A green building is a building which is energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible” as quoted from the Green Building Council of South Africa. This means that architectural design of an office block; particular types of building materials and technology are used to reduce energy and resource consumption and lower the environmental impact that humans and cities are having on the universe. That is why we need them!

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Continued demand for commercial office space in Sandton and Rosebank

Despite the slowdown, and the economic uncertainty, there is an on-going demand for commercial office space in suburbs such as Sandton and Rosebank, and the commercial property market has shown definite signs of growth. The trend is to capitalise on the opportunities provided here, such as the competitive rentals, the accessibility to different modes of transport and the benefits of developed infrastructure and location.

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What should a Tenant be wary of in a Commercial Property Lease?

It is a known fact that most business premises are rented, and the terms and conditions of almost all rented property are governed by a lease, which is entered into between the tenant and the landlord.

Whether the property is owned by one of the large financial institutions or a small property owner, leases are usually drawn up in standard format and are biased towards the landlord, i.e. geared towards protecting the landlord’s interests. Landlords are seldom open to negotiating the terms of such leases, except in exceptional cases. Tenants should, therefore, read the terms and conditions carefully and should not be afraid to challenge any provisions that they consider to be unfair or prejudicial to themselves.

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How Energy Efficient is your Office?

Energy efficiency, particularly in commercial and industrial environments, has become a priority, in order to meet global climate change targets. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has conducted research that reveals that energy demand in commercial buildings can be cut by up to 60 percent by the year 2050, if swift action is taken by the building sector.

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