Recent developments in Sandton good news for businesses

The Sandton area is arguably one of South Africa's greatest development success stories. The area is not only home to some of the country's largest blue-chip companies, but new development and expansion projects over the last years have ensured that the area stays at the forefront of the property scene. This is true for commercial developments like office space and residential projects.

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Renting a large office space in Johannesburg has long-term benefits

A lot of companies are constantly under pressure to increase their workforce and capacity with the growing demand of their goods and services, so it’s no surprise that prime Johannesburg office space for larger companies is a buzz phrase in the corporate property sector, from small enterprises to bourgeoning businesses.

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Sandton Towers, minding more than business but the environment

Where America once had its time-honoured twin towers, Malaysia its 6 year reigning tallest building in the world Petronas Towers, Shinar a tower whose top was said to reach the heavens … Babel; closer to home – infact at the heartland of the sprawling CBD of the northern suburbs – stand Sandton Towers. Despite the colossal construction’s glass and aluminium towers linked by a vertical atrium, this 20 000 m2 and 18 storey office rental keeps the environment in mind … in a big green way!

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Large Office Space Rental Solutions in Midrand

If you’re looking for offices to rent, lease or buy in Midrand, Gauteng, ideally you need the services of a company which at the outset can help you identify what your requirements are. Especially if you’re in need of larger premises, if your business has grown to the point that you need something bigger than 250 square metres, it pays to lean on people specialised in trouble-shooting what you may take for granted and exploring either opportunities or potential problem areas that you might be none the wiser about when it comes to the commercial property market.

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How to Choose Office Space for Larger Companies

What to look for when seeking new, alternative or additional office space for your company is not just a matter of using your common sense – which is why there are specialists in the field who are well worth the service fees they charge for doing all the searching and trouble-shooting for you. And of course, the larger your company, the longer the check-list and the greater the challenges.

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The right offices for rent in Sandton

Everybody who’s anybody in the financial world wants to find offices for rent in Sandton. It’s the financial hub of South Africa, let alone its host city of Johannesburg, and the JSE Securities Exchange has its offices there. In fact, Sandton’s CBD is said to be the wealthiest square mile in Africa.

But that doesn’t mean that office space in Sandton is exclusively for investment banks and financial consultants.

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Rent office space in Johannesburg

Movers and shakers wanting to make their way in the business world do it in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s situated in the wealthiest province in the country, so the incentive for business owners to set up and rent out office space there is high.

There is plenty of opportunity amidst a range of style, size and location options and those looking for office space to rent can do so online, faster and easier than ever before. In addition, interest rates show no sign of dropping in the short-term so the property trend at the southern tip of Africa continues to favour rentals.

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Finding Office space in Johannesburg

If you have ever tried to find office space in Johannesburg you’ll know that it can be quite a task. There are several ways of going about it, and until recently the easiest way was to go through the classified advertisements in the Star, Johannesburg’s daily newspaper.

Other sources of information could, and still can, be found in property magazines, business journals and, of course the Yellow Pages. Of course the job didn’t stop there

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Commercial Real Estate in South Africa

Like many other countries South Africa was forced into a recession by the world financial crisis, which in turn, affected the commercial real estate market. Notwithstanding the effects of the economic disorder all over the world, South Africa's banking sector remained secure, and the country’s infrastructure is currently benefiting from buoyant gold prices. The country remains the financial backbone of the whole of Africa. Her close trading connections with the EEC gives her the chance to serve as a manufacturing and export focal point for both Asian and European markets.

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Office space rentals made easy

Remember the time when looking for office space rentals was such a bind? Not more than a few years ago (remember the days when there was no such thing as the Internet?) it meant a lot of finger walking through the yellow pages, backed up by numerous telephone calls and a lot of wasted shoe leather looking for the exact premises that suited your purposes. What a bind it was! Today, everything has been done for you, and there are numerous property websites through which you can research and indeed reserve office space rentals.

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How to go about finding office space for rent

Trying to find office space for rent can by quite demanding. In the past it meant numerous phone calls followed up by trips in the car to inspect the various premises. That, in turn, meant finding parking – have you ever tried to find parking in the Johannesburg or Sandton CBDs? Much of the tedium has been taken away today, thanks to the Internet.

Let’s take a look at the various things that you have to consider before you make that final irreversible decision.

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